My gaming experience

My first contact with a PC was when I was 8 years old. My uncle bought a PC because well…why not. I remember it exactly..big,white,ugly CRT monitor and case that takes up half the room. When he went on college he left me that PC because it wouldn’t have made much sence to take it with him to the other side of the country. I would be in Paint all the time, or played card games. Only game he had instaled was Hugo, my first game ever. When I was 10 I got my own first PC. Only mine. With that I got a Serious Sam game. One day my best friend at that time and I decided to install that and play, but right on the first level we chicken out and quit…pussies. Meanwhile, my love for the FPS games was born. I especially loved to play Call of Duty. One dude from the neighborhood gave me CoD1. I played that game a milion times…to put it mildly. Right after that CoD: United Offensive and then CoD2.


I can’t really tell you which was my favourite. Once,I managed to save around 10$ and I bought my first original game..Vietcong. Everything was going very well until the tunnel parts. Idiot that I am, I didn’t know that there is a lamp on the soliders uniform ,so I would shoot that the light from the gun would light up dark tunnels for a second.
Then one day , love for strategy games was born . Even today Stronghold Crusader is one of my favourites games. I spent years, not days, but years playing that game..

When I went to high school things have changed. I didn’t know anyone in that new class. One day I heard small group od people talking about CoD2 and CoD4, and about multiplayer. That same „small“ group today is 13 people that I would give my left ball for ,if I need to.
Only 4 of them played CoD. Soon, I joined them. We played CoD2 or CoD4 all the time.

Every fucking day! Fuck school, we need to play. Whole high school we played that. There was some kind of tournaments that finnished badly, so we don’t like to talk about those. One time we played against group of people that we went to school with. CoD4, 5v5, class “A” vs class “C“. The score was 23-1 , we won ofc . And the one round that they won, they won because we killed eachother off.
In third grade I worked during the summer and with the money I got from that I bought a new CPU and GPU. Went from 128MB of vRAM to 1GB. I would never forget that feeling when I saw 250FPS in CoD4 for the first time on my PC.
We played other games too. We weren’t hardcore CoD fanboys. We played Rise of Nation, but not for long because one game would last up to few hours, which got boring as fuck really quick . Also our parents didn’t like us spending so much time on games. We played Battlefield3 too.

Only once we played 5v5 in BF3. Some dudes kicked our asses so we went back to “our” CoD. We would also play BF3 sometimes just for fun, to change things up a little bit.
Then ,high school was over and college came. We still consider ourselfes a family ,even though we stoped playing .Three of my friends started playing LoL but soon gave up.
Today ,only two of us game.battlefield-4-ps4-review

We play Battlefield4 every other day for two years now.

I’m sad that all of us don’t play anymore, like in the old days, but holidays are comming soon… 😉


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