AMD RYZEN – Risen from the Ashes

New AMD CPU lineup has been known and discussed for a long time now, so I have decided to tell you something about it.

We had a first glance at Ryzen on a NewHorizon event where guys from AMD showed, explained and demonstrated to us how Ryzen works in all its power. AMD has been developing this new 14nm architecture for years now.


The 40% IPC(Instructions per Core) improvement was announced, comparing it to last Excavator generation. This is the first time AMD is introducing SMT(Simultanious MultiThreading). Let me explain this shortly.So, it is something similar to Hyperthreading from Intel, which means that information is being scheduled by two threads so physical core is always working and being used. Ryzen will also have combined 20MB of L2 and L3 cache memory.


Features that make Ryzen dynamic and unique as it is are called AMD SenseMI Technology. SenseMI is combined of Pure Power, Precision Boost, EFR(Extended Frequency Range), Neural Net Prediction and Smart Prefetch.


At NewHorizon event we got a chance to see Ryzen in action, competing against Intel i7 6900k, the only CPU on market that has 8 cores and 16 threads. They tested them in Blender and Handbrake demos to see which one is faster.
In Blender both of them were next to each other and in Handbrake Ryzen was better by 5 seconds or somewhat 10%. Following that we saw Ryzen in VR, 4K gaming, programs and tools for 3D content and Esports(playing and streaming Dota at the same time). In VR and 3D Ryzen showed that it’s more than than capable of handeling everything that is throw at it,proving to be good choice for the people that use that kind of programs and tools. Bringing us to a question, is Ryzen good in gaming.  .When put to the test , Ryzen vs 6900k , in 4K resolution, playing Battlefield 1. Both of them do run 4K gaming impressively, but I must say that 6900k had some FPS drops when there game got more intense, Ryzen on the other hand, didn’t. Final test was very interesting. They put Ryzen, i7 6900k and i7 6700k in the same test. Three of them ran Dota at max setting and streamed at the same time. 6700k had some troubles while 6900k and Ryzen didn’t at all.

At recenty held CES event we found out more useful information. Let’s start with a fact that Lisa Su(AMD CEO) told us at NewHorizon that Ryzen’s base frequency will be 3,4GHz but we can except more than that. At CES Ryzen was running at 3,6GHz Base Frequency and with Turbo enabled at 3,9GHz. That is one of the proofs that Ryzen looks better with each passing day.

Talking about launch we found out that all CPUs from Ryzen lineup will be available from the first day of launch as well as all the motherboards with AM4 socket(more on that later on). We weren’t given any specific date but we got a little hint. Rob Hallock said that the very last day of Q1 is not their trajectory. In other words we could see Ryzen in stores very soon.

We found out something about overclocking too.


Overclocking won’t depend on the CPU but on the motherboard that you have. All the CPUs from this lineup will be unlocked while only motherboards with X370 and B350 chipset will support overclocking.

It seems like AMD did an amazing job with Ryzen. Only question is how expensive will it be and how it will perform when it comes out. For now it seems very impressive.


Whether you are Intel or AMD fanboy you should be happy about this either way and hope that Ryzen will, to put it like this, kick ass. If Ryzen is even close to Intel’s performance, Intel will be forced to lower their prices, so thats a win-win situation. However you look at this nothing bad can come out from Ryzen’s success.


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