Power on the go

Human desire for something bigger, better, more advanced led us throughout history. It has always been a goal of ours to make something bigger, more powerful and innovated and to be the first to do so. When you are first you are the man. That being said today is very important to be the best of the best so everyone can notice you.Why would someone have a better car, bigger house or in the case of us gamers, God forbid, a better and more powerful PC.

And the time has come when everything is possible and we have all kinds of “gaming” and ultra-strong components .But as we are constantly on the go it’s not really practical to carry your super ultra cool PC everywhere with you. Guided by that issue, gaming” laptops were invented, and are becoming bigger and stronger with each passing generation.

Some of the greatest like ASUSRazerACERLenovoMSI have prepared us some of their new beasts.

Lenovo Legion

Lenovo has a nice supply of gaming laptops for quite some time now. This time they have dropped the name Y… and decided on a new one. Introducing Lenovo Legion. This laptop will be fueled with Intel i7 7700HQ processor and GTX 1060 graphics card. It will also have an RGB color illuminated keyboard. And now it starts to get interesting….This is the first laptop on the market to have a Dolby Atmos support. Besides that the laptop has an XBox One controller module which means you can connect up to 4 wireless Xbox one controllers to your laptop. Price point of this laptop will be from 1200$ up, because you can personally choose your memory quantity(RAM, SSD, HardDrive).


MSI has also presented their beast. GT83 is a gaming laptop with a 18,4” IPS screen in a 1920x1080p resolution. What makes GT83 powerful is a sixth generation Intel i7 processor and two GTX1080 graphics cards in SLI(GT73 model will have two GTX1070 in SLI). It also has mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches made by Steelseries. MSI knows that overheating is the biggest problem with gaming laptops so they took care of that. Processor and graphics cards are cooled by 3 ventilators and all of that is connected through with 15 heat pipes. MSI enhanced sound quality and wireless so lag in games won’t be a problem anymore. GT83 will cost around 4500$ and his little brother around 2500$.


RX800 is stronger and more advanced version of a RX700 model. It still has watercooling which can be added or removed when it’s needed. RX800 has a 18,4” IPS screen with 4K resolution with G-sync support. Impressive part (except watercooling of course) is what we can find on the inside. Intel Core i7 6820HK processor and two GTX1080 graphics cards in SLI. All of that is overclockable, CPU up to 4,2 GHz, GPU to 1961MHz, while VRAM and DRAM can go up to 5200MHz or 2800MHz, as noted by ASUS.  Laptop will also have an illuminated mechanical keyboard and full RGB support. Price point of this beast is nothing less than 6000$ in the USA…what will it be in the rest of the world we can only imagine.


What to say about this beast. Acer Predator 21x is the first laptop ever to have a curved screen. While we are on the screen subject, it’s a curved screen with a 2,560 x 1,080 resolution.  Under the hood is Intel Core i7 7820HK, processor from the newest KabyLake generation, and two GTX1080 graphics cards in SLI, of course. Except that, it is packed with 64GB of RAM and up to 4 512GB SSDs in RAID0 (RAID0 gives better speed and full capacity). Above the keyboard is a noticeable triangle through which one of the ventilators that cool all of the inside can be seen. Keyboard is mechanical, of course, with Cherry MX Brown switches, which is also illuminated in RGB colors. On the right side of the keyboard is the TouchPad which can be taken out and switched to the other side so it becomes a NumPad. It weights 8kg so it’s not very portable, but that’s not its biggest problem. The biggest problem is the price. This beast will cost you unbelievable 9000$ in the USA, that’s right 9000$!


Razer introduced world’s first triple screen laptop. Valerie has three screens in 4K which calculates to unbelievable 11520 x 2160 pixels.
After showing it on CES someone stole the prototype so Razer is offering a 25,000$ reward for any kind of information about the missing Valerie. The price point and specifications are still unknown but we can say for sure that Valerie will be powerful and pricey.


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