5 tips for buying PC components

Choosing components for your PC can be really hard sometimes. I know this from experiance and by trial and error. I hope that my tips help you to not make the same mistakes I did.

  • Build your own PC.

Those pre-built PCs you can find in a lot of different stores that have all kinds of names are not for you. First things first, components inside can have really bad quality, and usually inside there is, for example, i7 6700k and GTX950, which isn’t really the best combination. And there is that special feeling ,that you get when you build your own PC by yourself. It is  one of the best feelings in the world.

  • Hold on when buying an SSD.

If you don’t have enough money right now, it’s better to buy a stronger and better graphics card and HardDrive than a shity graphics card and SSD. You can always wait for a month or two and then buy that SSD you want.

  • Don’t cheap out on power supply.

Power supply is one of the components that break most offten. If your power supply is bad   it can send more or less power than needed to some components so you could  end up with a broken power supply and something else along those lines, and you really don’t want or need that.

  • Decide on what resolution you want to play.

If you have 1080p monitor and you don’t plan on changing it for a few years, or you are thinking about buying 1080p monitor, you really don’t need GTX1080 for example. In thatcase you need GTX1060/RX480 or even RX470. Don’t spend your money on something you don’t need.

  • Carefully choose your CPU.

People often hear that something is good and then run off to the store to buy it. Why spend your hard earned money on a CPU that you don’t need when you could buy a better graphics card. Graphics card is more important than CPU if all you do is gaming…if you are content creator then a more  powerful CPU is a better choice..

And the most important of all:
Ask around.

It is always good to ask someone else for advice. If you have decided on buying  something,inform yourself .You can ask your friends that are  familiar with PCs too, if you don’t have friend that are into PCs you could  ask around  on forums, watch YT videos…Don’t spend more money than you really need…


You can ask me too, I know some things too 😉



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