New GTX1080 on the market

In November Gigabyte announced that they will be adding motherboards and graphics cards to their gaming brand Aorus. On CES event they introduced line of Aorus motherboards for Intel’s Kaby Lake platform, and now they finally showed graphics card, Aorus GeForce GTX1080 Xtreme Edition.


Graphics card comes with factory overclock:
-in OC mode, base frequency of 1784MHz, and with boost on 1936MHz.
-in Gaming mode, base frequency of 1759MHz, and with boost on 1898MHz.

To make sure overlock is stable and its lifespan is prolonged the cooling system has been carefully crafted.  Aorus is being cooled with 3x 100mm fans while heat is being dissipated from GPU and VRAM by big copper plate. Often back plate is hot too so they took care of that by putting smaller copper plate which helps dissipating heat also.


Gigabyte says that Aorus is faster than Founder’s Edition GTX1080. It achieved 5% more FPS in Overwatch, 10% more in Witcher3 and 5% more in GTA5.

Aorus will have full RGB support and on top off all that Gigabyte is giving 4 years warranty.

So far Aorus seems to be pretty beast of a card. Will Gigabyte fulfill their promises remains yet to be seen. For now we don’t know anything about release date nor price point of this graphics card.


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