They Shall Not Pass

Battlefield 1, one of the best FPS Shooters today, is getting a new DLC…They Shall Not Pass.

Of course we all knew that, but we finally got some specific information.

Per usual, in a new DLC we are getting new maps, new game modes, new vehicles…

So let’s start…

Whole DLC revolves around the French. French army is coming to the battlefield to defend their homeland tn tn tnnn(sound effects).


With a new DLC we are getting 4 new maps:
1. Verdun Heights
2. Fort Vaux
3. Soissons
4. Rupture

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We will get a new game mode also…Frontlines game mode is a mixture of Conquest and Rush modes where players will fight for flags, and after they capture the enemy HQ game turns in a Rush-style part where telegraph posts must be attacked or defended.

To make the fights harder and more interesting 2 monstrous tanks are coming to play… Char 2C and the St. Chamond.

We are getting a new elite class that will be added to the game… the Trench Raider with which you will kick ass on the battlefields with your raider club and many grenades. Besides that new stationary weapons will be added too, like for example the Siege Howitzer.

They Shall Not Pass DLC comes out in March of 2017.


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